Friday, June 6, 2008

I apologize, I'm obsessed

But here's an article saying that Hillary did not lose because she's a woman. No, she lost because she ran on "toughness" rather than on "change."

Huh, why do you think she had to run on "toughness"? Why would anyone run on "toughness"?

Oh, that's right, because they're a WOMAN?

Look, Obama ran on "change" not because he has particulary revolutionary ideas, but, yes, at least partially because he will be the first African American presidential nominee. Good for him. But yes, his race had something to do with his message. Obviously, her gender had something to do with hers.

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Tyler Jackson said...

I really wish I could get a handy quick reference card that would let me know when it's OK to base things on gender and when it's not.

"Because I'm a ____" is equally useful as both:
A) an excuse to support what said _____ does,
B) an excuse to accuse someone of disriminatory practices.

"You can't do x to me, because I'm a y, and that's not fair!"

five minutes later...

"You have to make z allowance for me, because I'm a y!"

Why am I still expected to pay for my date's dinner? She's a strong, independent woman, but I'd still better open the car door, pay for her dinner, etc. Isn't "chivalry" sexist? (Not that I've had a date this year...but still...)

Angela said...

Wow, Tyler, you haven't had a date this year?

That's so surprising, considering your views on women.

Tyler Jackson said...

What're my "views on women," exactly? I'm for equality. Why is it chauvinistic to point out the hypocrisy of some of what *masquerades* as equality?

Being blustery, aggressive, and offensive is jerk behavior, whether you're a man or a woman.

I didn't realize the politically correct thing to do is to say that all women are holy, blameless creature who can do no wrong.

Angela said...

No one's asking for allowances.
Has Hillary asked for allowances?

And you're right.
Being blustery, aggressive and offensive IS jerk behavior.